Site Updates – May 2017

Last Modified: Nov 7, 2020 @ 6:35 am

To trigger RSS Feed, Mailing List, etc., here is the May 2017 excerpt from the Detailed Change Log.

3 thoughts on “Site Updates – May 2017”

  1. Carl, question on printing. I am currently using client printers successfully and want to add a policy for my remote users who sign in via a VPN. I want those users to have a session printers and i beleive i would setup a policy to assign users within an IP range (range of my VPN) to be assigned these session printers. If so would i set that policy higher than my default policy ?

      1. thanks Carl, One method i am seeing is from highest priority down would be 1)ip range one printer settings 2) ip range two printer settings 3)non filtered settings

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