EUC Weekly Digest – January 27, 2018

Last Modified: Nov 7, 2020 @ 6:34 am

Here are some EUC items I found interesting last week. For more immediate updates, follow me at

For a list of updates at, see the Detailed Change Log.



App Layering (Unidesk)




NetScaler Gateway



3 thoughts on “EUC Weekly Digest – January 27, 2018”

  1. Carl…any chance you ran into a case where you have AHV/Nutanix and XenDesktop, created Static (Persistent) VM’s with MCS, then when it comes time to perform maintenance on you your master image and take a brand new snapshot you need to figure out how to point the machine catalog to the new snapshot that was created? To allow you to keep one catalog that contains the older VM’s created with a previous snapshot and managed by SCCM, as well as newly created VM’s which are created off the latest patched snapshot? If so, if you can provide some guidance it would certainly be appreciated.

      1. Hmm, you make me think I over thought what I am looking for. I am aware of these PowerShell steps but was thinking it was a process with VMware as the hypervisor only not AHV. I’ll test it out.

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