EUC Weekly Digest – December 31, 2016

Last Modified: Nov 7, 2020 @ 6:34 am

Here are some EUC items I found interesting last week. For more immediate updates, follow me at

For a list of updates at, see the Detailed Change Log.



WEM/Profile Management

Provisioning Services



NetScaler MAS

NetScaler Gateway


  • Unidesk 4.0.8 – Nutanix AHV support, Windows 2016 support, user layer for Win7 desktops

2 thoughts on “EUC Weekly Digest – December 31, 2016”

  1. Carl,
    I’m trying to load balance a SMTP Relay on a Netscaler. I’ve fnd some older (2017) blogs where you’ve commented on a way to do this and supplied a link to a CUGC artilcle that is no longer available. I have the Relay setup on the the Netscler but its basically wide open. I need to have the Netscaler forward the source IP address to the SMTP server where it can be filtered. When I turn on “Use Source IP” on the VIP Service (not enabled globally) The VIP stops accepting connections.. I’m sure I’m missing soethng somewhere bu there really isn’t much documentation on this subject.

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